Member of Slackline Freiburg e.V. wins 3rd place in Highline Freestyle Contest

Congratulations to our member and second chairman Emil Breuer for winning 3rd place in the Highline Contest Pandemic Open Vol. 2!!!

To allow for international competition during pandemic times, the contest, initiated and organised by Ian Eisenberg, was held via social media. In each round of the event, participants had about two weeks to submit a video entry with their best freestyle tricks and combos and were then judged by a committee of the world’s best athletes via a sophisticated scoring system. In the video you can see Emil’s entry for the 2nd round.

By reaching third place, Emil has qualified for the World Cup in the Highline Freestyle category, which will take place in spring 2022. We congratulate Emil for this outstanding performance, know about the many hours of training behind it and are excited to see which tricks and combos we will be able to witness in the future!

Emil’s submission for the 2nd round. For better quality and more stunning video have a look at Instagram (highline_freestyle).